A great golfer does more than just play a round or two of golf each week. You need to visit the driving range just as frequently if you want to make big improvements to your game.

At Dobson Ranch, you can work on your game under the canopy of the cool, evening sky on our mammoth, lighted driving range. It’s open daily from sunrise to 9p.m. so you can squeeze in even more practice time. Take aim at the many targets we have set up for you on the largest driving range in Mesa.

Your days are busy and full, and that’s why we make it easy and convenient for you to enjoy your favorite sport in the evenings. Even if you only have an hour to spare after work, we’re happy to see you at our driving range where you can practice and unwind from a hectic day. Even just 60 minutes on our Mesa driving range a few times a week can improve your swing and your game—and your mood!

Set Yourself up to Win

Young or old, everyone should warm-up at the driving range to get ready for a successful day on the course.

Start with a few simple wedge shots with a pitching or sand wedge to help you build momentum for your swing and then move deeper into your session. Our massive driving range is the most convenient and well-maintained facility in Mesa and a popular destination for quality practice time for golfers of all skill levels.

Remember that golf is a challenging sport that requires plenty of practice to get better, and there’s no better place to improve your swing—the strongest skill you need to score well—than at Dobson Ranch’s driving range. We offer an all-weather facility that lets you work on all aspects of your game, rain or shine, from sun up to sun down.

Don’t forget to pick up your Sunset Players Card, giving you more chances to play, practice and save. As a member of our Summer Sunset Players program you get:

  • Huge discounts on green fees after 4 p.m.

  • A $20 credit for golf lessons with one of our celebrity instructors

  • Discounts on range balls ($1 off small buckets; $2 off large buckets)

A Great Day of Golf in Mesa

Come experience the welcoming and friendliness that makes Dobson Ranch Mesa’s best golf course. Our professional and talented teaching staff is here to make sure you enjoy the game more and play it even better.

What’s lacking in your game? Our PGA team can help you correct your major swing faults such as a poor grip, bad posture and incorrect ball position. They’ll teach you great form and provide you with expert advice to help you fix the bad habits that are keeping you from improving your game.

Master the fundamentals of golf in a fun, friendly atmosphere. From the driving range to the 18th hole, you’ll learn from golf experts who can show you what you’re doing wrong and give you simple, effective tips to play better. It’s not always easy to improve your golf swing on your own, but with a little guidance from our PGA team, you’ll play better than you ever have before.

Dobson Ranch’s driving range is the best practice facility in the area, giving you more value and more time each day to improve your game. Spend some time at one of our practice stations and take aim at our target greens today!